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De geheel nieuwe Kreon ACE 3D meetarm is voorzien van temperatuur compensatie en kan zowel in de geacclimatiseerde meetkamer als op de werkvloer gebruikt worden. Voor tastende toepassingen kan deze 3D meetarm geheel draadloos gebruikt worden dankzij de geïntegreerde accu en draadloze WIFI verbinding.

De huidige KREON 3D laser scanners (Zephyr II en Solano) zijn geïntegreerd met de KREON ACE meetarm.

Scanners en probes zijn plug-and-play en kunnen gebruikt ook zo gebruikt worden met onze zeer innovatieve Polyworks Meet & Scansoftware. Klik hier om onze Polyworks webpagina te bekijken.

Technical specifications:

Model Axes Working volume Point repeatability (probing) Accuracy in the volume (probing) scan accuracy ACE+ZephyrII (250000 pts/s) Scan accuracy ACE+Solano (40000 pts/s)
ACE-7-20 7 2.0 m 0.022 mm 0.032 mm 0.042 mm 0.052 mm
ACE-7-25 7 2.5 m 0.027 mm 0.038 mm 0.048 mm 0.058 mm
ACE-7-30 7 3.0 m 0.042 mm 0.057 mm 0.067 mm 0.077 mm
ACE-7-35 7 3.5 m 0.054 mm 0.080 mm 0.090 mm 0.100 mm
ACE-7-40 7 4.0 m 0.069 mm 0.099 mm 0.109 mm 0.118 mm
ACE-7-45 7 4.5 m 0.092 mm 0.125 mm 0.134 mm 0.140 mm

Operating temperature range: 10-45°C. Three temperature probes ensure an accurate compensation.
Maximum mumidity: 95%, non-condensing.
Power supply: Universal worldwide voltage: 100–250V.


The AQUILON is an ultra-performant 3D laser scanner, designed to fulfill the most demanding industrial applications.


  • Production quality improvement
  • Accelerated measurement of complex parts
  • Total control of the user on the acquired data
  • Time saving and better productivity
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Portable technology and user-friendliness
  • Fast learning

Zyphyr 2:

“The most competitive solution for the most demanding applications.” Born from the same technology of the bi-camera KREON AQUILON and taking benefit from the experience and success of the ZEPHYR, the new 3D scanner ZEPHYR II is the most competitive solution for the most demanding applications. The ZEPHYR II is particularly well adapted to applications that both require speed and accuracy. Thanks to the revolutionary AQC feature (Auto Quality Check), the measurement quality is completely under control of the user.


  • Fast scanning speed
  • Auto Quality Check
  • Versatile: compatible with CMM, arms, robots, machine tool…
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Automatic settings
  • Compatible with high-resolution counting rulers
  • Possibility to connect a hard-probe or TP2/TP20/TP200 touch-probe (KREON patent)


Very versatile, the ZEPHYR scanner offers solutions to the needs in retro-engineering and 3D inspection in various environments. That multivalent scanner is the ideal choice to switch between a measurement arm and a coordinate measuring machine.


  • Fully digital technology
  • Works on manual and driven Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Works with every 6-axis and 7-axis portable measurement arms
  • Interface with Renishaw PH10 and MIH heads
  • Integrated touch-probe
  • Configurable laser and video settings
  • Optimal scanning distance indicator
  • Light and portable system


The SOLANO offers high technical characteristics for a competitive price. It is controllerless and can be mounted easily on any measuring arm and used in a lot of software applications. The SOLANO LITE is an ever more inexpensive version of the Solano. It is therefore a little less performant.


  • Plug and Play technology
  • Easy integration in the operator’s working process
  • Easy installation and user-friendliness
  • Fast and accurate
  • Portable technology
  • Fast learning
  • Open technology


The SKIRON is a 3 D micro-scanner that combines precision and speed for a large number of applications.


  • Easy installation and user-friendliness
  • Attractive price
  • Fast and accurate
  • Portable technology
  • Fast learning
  • Open technology

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Type Meetarm Artikelnr. Prijs €
Kreon ACE-7-20 ACE-7-20 Op aanvraag
Kreon ACE-7-25 ACE-7-25 Op aanvraag
Kreon ACE-7-30 ACE-7-30 Op aanvraag
Kreon ACE-7-35 ACE-7-35 Op aanvraag
Kreon ACE-7-40 ACE-7-40 Op aanvraag
Kreon ACE-7-45 ACE-7-45 Op aanvraag
Type 3D Scanner Artikelnr. Prijs €
Aquilon KREON_AQUIL Op aanvraag
Zyphyr 2 KREON_ZYPH2 Op aanvraag
Zyphyr KREON_ZYPH Op aanvraag
Solano KREON_SALONA Op aanvraag
Skiron KREON_SKIRON Op aanvraag

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