Wenzel Shapetracer – 3D Laser Scanner





The Wenzel Shapetracer laser line 3D scanner is able to offer the exceptional quality and repeatability of a CMM based 3D laser scanner and does so at a very affordable price.


As the system is mounted on a Wenzel CMM the accuracy is assured. The combined accuracy of the system is better than +/-25µm


The 3D laser Scanner fits into a standard Renishaw PH 10M and can therefore be used interchangeably with touch probe sensors and used for extended periods of time or just for occasional use.

Ease of use

Every movement of the system is programmable CNC controlled and repeatable without manual intervention to eliminate operator dependency.


Data collection and post-processing is handled by Wenzel’s PointMaster software and its output is compatible with all major reverse engineering and inspection software packages.

Value for the Money

The Shapetracer 3D Scanner system with its integrated programming and post-processing software represents the best value solution for high quality, non contact reverse engineering and inspection.


Shapetracer Specifications
Size (lxbxh) 100 x 68 x 50
Weight 290g
Stand off Distance 70 mm
Range (z) 90 mm
Stripe Length (y) 40 mm
Accuracy <20 µm
Scan Speed 48,000 points / sec

Wenzel shapetracer - 3D Scanner

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