AEROEL Lasermicrometers; ook op dit gebied heeft EMS een groot en prijstechnisch aantrekkelijk leveringsprogramma.

The XLS (eXactum Laser Scan Micrometer) series Laser Gauges represent the latest technological development in laser scanning micrometry, featuring record performance.

With their built-in and very powerful electronics, the XLS micrometers can be used as Stand Alone, Intelligent Diameter Sensors. When programmed with a Dedicated Software and completed with external Display Units and Operator Panels, they can be the hart of Dedicated Laser Measuring and Control Systems, for the on-line control of a variety of different products.

The XLS micrometers can be directly connected to a PC, PLC or NC via standard Ethernet or RS232 or RS485 interface line. Any electronic unit equipped with such an interface can simply get accurate and fast diameter readings: the user can input the measurement data into his own programme, to perform any specific task. Thanks to this feature, the XLS gauges are ideal diameter sensors for OEM Customers, System Integrators or for large scale applications.

XLS40 – Single Axis type
Measuring field: 40 mm;
Measurable diameters: from 0.06 to 38 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.01 µm;
XLS80 – Single Axis type
Measuring field: 80 mm;
Measurable diameters: from 0.75 to 78 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.1 µm;
XLS150 – Single Axis type
Measuring field: 150 mm;
Measurable diameters: from 0.8 to 149 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.1µm;
XLS13XY – Dual Axis type
Measuring field: 4×4 mm or 13×13 mm;
Measurable diameters: from 0.03 to 10 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.01µm
XLS35XY – Dual Axis type
Measuring field: 35×35 mm;
Measurable diameters: from 0.2 to 32 mm;
Resolution: up to 0.01µm

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Aeroel XLS 40 AEROEL_XLS40 Op aanvraag
Aeroel XLS 80 AEROEL_XLS80 Op aanvraag
Aeroel XLS 150 AEROEL_XLS150 Op aanvraag
Aeroel XLS 13 XY AEROEL_XLS13XY Op aanvraag
Aeroel XLS 35 XY AEROEL_XLS13XY Op aanvraag

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