OGP – SmartScope Sprint MVP




SprintMVP is a benchtop, automatic, non-contact measurement system with full CNC control for value-conscious customers.

Built on a solid granite base and column, SprintMVP provides the kind of performance that has made SmartScopes popular around the world.

Motorized translation stages with precision scales make measurements fast and accurate. Measure-X metrology software allows any operator to achieve repeatable measurements on the most complex parts.

Measure-X is feature-packed dimensional metrology software with an extensive array of measurement tools that emphasize ease of use including intelligent edge detection, user friendly icons and a point and click interface.

Key Technologies:
-High quality 6.5 to 1 zoom lens
-Solid, stable, reliable granite structure
-Measure-X metrology software
-0.5 µm scales in XYZ axes
-High resolution color camera
-Convenient joystick control of all axes

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Smartscope Sprint MVP 200 OGP_MVP_200 Op aanvraag
Smartscope Sprint MVP 250 OGP_MVP_250 Op aanvraag
Smartscope Sprint MVP 300 OGP_MVP_300 Op aanvraag

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